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Monday Makeup Must Have-Week 2

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Today's Makeup Must Have post is going to be short, and to the point (unintentional pun, haha).

In order to do great makeup, you need to have great tools. And by great, I mean tools that will perform consistently well. You don't need to spend a lot to get amazing quality, there are so many great options at every price point. I am going to touch on brushes and other tools in upcoming posts, highlighting my favourites that are easily accessible. Today, I am just doing a product brag on one specific item that I tried for the first time on the job this weekend.

The Sephora Collection Eco Biodegradable Sharpener is an item I ordered a few months ago, but hadn't tried yet. I grabbed it as I was packing for my weekend appointments, after being disappointed with the performance of my other sharpener, and holy snap!! This sharpener is the BEST I have ever tried. It sharpens the tip precisely every time, and I love that it is biodegradable!! It's a win for the planet, and a win for the pencils!!

After I sprayed my pencil with alcohol, I sharpened it before packing it away (and spraying with alcohol again, to keep it sanitary), and I was blown away by the result. It seems funny to say this, but seriously, the pencil looks brand new! I used the sharpener on my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, and MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil. This sharpener is a game changer for exact application every time. I 100% highly recommend this sharpener if you're looking to replace yours! And $7.50 is a pretty good price! I am definitely adding a couple more to my basket, so I can have backups!!

That's it for this Monday! I have a busy week ahead, with more prom appointments this week, and next! And I also wanted to put it out there, I do have some availability for July and August weddings! If you're still looking for your bridal makeup, fill out the Contact form with your details, and I will be in touch!

See you on the next post!


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