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Monday Makeup Must-Haves

This is a new series of posts I will be doing for Mondays. I will be featuring a different rotation of a few of my favourite products! These will include, but not limited to, skincare, makeup, and tools!

This week we are talking about skincare, because without a great skincare routine, and skin prep, we don't have a great makeup application!

The ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE skincare line, that I 100% recommend for everyone is the Sonia Roselli Beauty line. I have these products on my shelf for me, in my kit to use on clients, and backups waiting in my drawer.

On the days that I have time, and going to be wearing makeup, I will do the full meal deal. This involves using Sexapeel first, to exfoliate my skin (which is a magical and oh-so-easy process with this product), and then cleanse with the Japanese Cleansing Oil. The Sexapeel is a gommage product, and you will have little balls of exfoliated skin and product leftover. The Cleansing Oil is gentle, and super effective at removing all traces, leaving behind gently cleansed skin, without feeling dry and stripped.

After I have rinsed and dried my face, I will apply the Water Elixer all over my face and neck, and finally, Water Balm, if I need a little bit extra hydration. The Water Balm is also great for under your eyes, and as a lip balm. I am pretty sure the entire line is composed of Unicorn Tears, because they're all sorts of amazing.

Of course, there are days when I don't have time to do it all. These days I will typically cleanse my face, and then use the Water Elixer, and then go into foundation, after letting the Elixer set in for a few minutes. This is equally magical, and my skin looks and feels amazing. I have combination skin, that leans towards oily on some days. The weather does change this, depending on the season, but for the most part I can get away with these products for a flawless makeup application. These products were made for all skin types. I don't use the Water Oil during the day, I save this for my night time routine, to give a boost of hydration, after the Elixer, and before the Water Balm.

If you are looking for an amazing skincare line that works with all skin types, looks amazing under makeup, then I highly recommend this line. If you are in Canada, and live close to the border, get it sent to a shipping place in the US!! Shipping to Canada can be a little steep, and I am thankful to live close enough to the border, to get it from Sumas, WA. If you don't live close to the border, I still highly recommend ordering it with direct shipping! This stuff is worth it!!

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