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Professional Makeup Artist vs Fake-up Artist

The Difference Between a Professional Makeup Artist, and a Fake-up Artist...

Over the years, I have witnessed and heard from women in my chair, horror stories of their experiences with other makeup (fake-up) artists. I have seen with my own eyes, fake-up artists arriving to the job with dirty brushes and tools, and then using them on clients. Or products that are so old, and past their expiration date, and/or dirty. These offences are so wrong for so many reasons. Dirty tools and product can lead to infection and adverse reactions.

I had women tell me in their previous experiences, they’d had issues with breaking out or having reactions to another artist’s products, and they were not comfortable with another makeup session until they had seen my setup. I take sanitation seriously, and have an impeccably clean kit. I ensure my products are properly rotated, and toss the items that are past their expiration, even if they still look and seem fine. ALL MAKEUP EXPIRES!!!

When you are hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, or event, they should come prepared with all the necessary tools to complete the job in a clean and professional manner. Makeup brushes should only be used on one person, and then set aside to be deeply cleaned and sanitized before it touches another face. Tools like stainless steel palettes and spatulas should be used and sanitized between each client, as well as enough disposable applicators to ensure double dipping doesn't occur in wand products, like mascara, lipgloss, liquid eyeliner (NOTE: Felt tipped liner pens should NEVER be used on clients, there is absolutely no way to ensure proper sanitation!).

Being a professional makeup artist is more than "just makeup". When you hire a makeup artist, you're getting their talent, time, and the behind the scenes work, like washing brushes, cleaning the products, and replacing heavily used items. Artists like myself also bring their own lighting, seating, and table, to prepare for every situation.

When you are hiring a makeup artist, your health and safety matter. If your artist doesn't take the necessary steps to make sure you are safe, say something. It's better to say something than end up with pink eye, a stye, or herpes!!

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