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Winter Creative Shoot

A few weeks ago, I worked with a local photographer (Umbrella Tree Photography) and hair stylist (Montana's Bridal Hair), to collaborate a winter creative shoot, featuring a couple of dancers, outdoors in the bare winter landscape and using smoke bombs. The behind the scene photos looked like so much fun (I missed the actual shoot, as I had to come back home to setup for afternoon clients)

This was the first teaser shot that Joanne posted on social media, and I'm sooo excited to see the rest!!! I loved doing the makeup for these two girls, it was definitely a fun and edgy shoot, and everything came together beautifully!!!

Keep watch for more photos, as they come in!!! I'll be posting them as soon as I get them!!!

#creative #winter #photoshoot #beauty #makeup #makeupartist #abbotsfordmakeupartist #smokebomb #dancer

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